I believe…

. . .  That happiness isn’t a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your mind, body and soul

. . .  A daily commitment to becoming the best version of you.

. . .  Gratitude is the portal and secret to true happiness

. . .  Serving and giving back to others is the highest form of fulfillment

Hi, I’m Joseph Di Bennardo

 a Coach, Author, Speaker and aspiring philanthropist.

I’m living proof that life transformation starts in your mind and that YOU have the power to positively change your life.

My Story…..

Imagine a talented and driven 27 year old male.

He’s a stock broker in London, successful, driven and living a life of his dreams

  • Healthy, Vibrant and Energetic
  • In a loving and passionate relationship
  • Traveling the world, exploring and loving life
  • A people’s person, connecting and building authentic relationships with everyone who crosses his path

He had everything and externally his life looked incredible….

Now imagine that man in a hotel room on a cold, dark evening, feeling alone, depressed and wanting to end his own life.  

In 2013 after only 10 months of marriage my wife filled for divorce and all my dreams of creating a future together were shattered.

The demise of my marriage left me completely heart broken, I was left in the family home alone for months and eventually had to relocate back to Melbourne after selling the home and quitting a decent job because I went through an immense state of depression.

I was desperate to radically transform my life and made a decision to invest heavily into personal development.

I travelled the world to seek out transformation mentors who would ultimately guide me back to inner happiness and reclaim my personal power.

I studied to become a personal development coach, learnt how to re program limiting beliefs, get clear on my values, nurtured my body, mind and soul through meditation, yoga, breath work, wholefoods and took full responsibility for my inner happiness.

Ultimately I had to make peace with my past which was the underlying reason my marriage failed in the first place.

In the process of healing, I discovered that ultimate fulfillment in life isn’t a destination, but a daily commitment to nurturing your body, mind and soul.

It took me three years to overcome the immense depression from my divorce and reclaim my inner happiness, through attending events, immersing myself with books, podcasts, life coaching with transformation mentors and being kind to myself.

Reclaiming my inner happiness from this difficult time in my life was one of the most difficult things to do, yet it was so worth it.

My goal is now to positively help others to amplify their own inner happiness, ignite their self love and help them make peace with their past through live events, personal coaching and speaking.

My blog is a platform for us all to share learnings, share our voice and collectively inspire people to believe in their inner greatness.

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: Unleash Your Inner Greatness Event:  My personal development event help motivate you towards your goals in 2019 and beyond.  You will learn how to overcome fear limiting beliefs and self doubt that are holding you back from creating an extraordinary life.  Details coming soon.

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: The Podcast Unleash Your Inner Greatness is a podcast where I interview extraordinary and inspiring people from around the world – authors, speakers,  athletes, and visionaries to share with you the principles to create happiness, success and true fulfillment in our lives.  

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Be Great,

Joseph Di Bennardo