Joseph Di Bennardo is one of the most engaging and inspirational speakers empowering people to live a fulfilling and regret free life.

Joseph is a truly unique speaker, having traveled the world extensively he shares stories which captivate audiences to truly appreciate what it means to live an extraordinary life.

  • He is a co-author of the international seller ‘The Inspiration Bible’
  • He worked in a quasi ‘Boiler Room’ as a former stock broker in the heart of London during the global financial crisis
  • Has visited every man made wonder in the world + 52 countries
  • He is one of Australia’s top business development managers, working for Fortune 100 companies like American Express and known for acquiring the largest retail client in the history of ANZ Investment Lending, a $4.1M client

Joseph has mentored alongside the world’s best keynote speakers/TedX Speakers to truly refine his message and he will guarantee your event to be a huge success.

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